Association Management.

Association Management.

As a service provider in the field of association management, we know the needs of the boards of directors, members, sponsors, and funding bodies. Our team understands how to effectively make use of these needs in order to benefit your organization and ensure sustained member retention.




A trusting relationship with our clients provides the basis for the successful development of your professional trade association and long-standing member relations. Regardless of whether you use the Full-Service Management or simply operate by outsourcing individual services, we guarantee the best quality and individual support.

The admicos headquarters in the 8th district of vienna.

Turn our headquarters into yours

Take advantage of the excellent site qulity and the individual services for your association, located in the heart of Vienna.

We support you with comprehensive advice and assistance in:

  • Financial Management
  • Membership recruitment, membership administration and data management
  • Marketing and communications for the associations
  • Conception, implementation and management of events
  • and much more

Our Services:

Membership Management

We are your extended arm, your communicator to your members and provide them with information from the board of directors and the working groups. Thus, we are the central point of contact for any questions concerning your organization and manage your data – do hundreds of small, but very important things for a personal relationship between members and organization.

Services for the Board of Directors

The board of directors represents the head of an organization. Our task is to relieve these demands, so that it can focus on the special fields of the organization. We implement the tasks defined by the board of directors; such as organizing continuing education programmes, press releases, market research projects, marketing activities, and many more.

Secretarial Services

The secretariat gives a face to your organization and therefore represents the interface between the board of directors, members and external system partners – savvy in all facets of the association’s services. From protocols to financial management, from newsletters to integrated online communication – these are all tasks that we handle for you.


We offer additional services for

Continuing Education Opportunities

For many members, the most decisive reason to sign up for membership is the opportunity for continuing vocational education and information exchange. The development of a quality-oriented continuing education programme is one of the most significant success factors.


Our office serves as the head office to our organizations and is equipped with modern infrastructure to conduct all of the matters concerning the organization. Being located in the heart of Vienna, it not only provides optimal public and private accessibility but creates a central point of contact for members.

Annual Conventions

Regardless of whether it is holding a scientific annual conference or an annual general meeting, our services are tailored to your needs.
Simply have a look at the sections “congress and exhibition”.

If you have any questions or would like to have a no-obligation conversation, our team is happy to be available to you.

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