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Western Bohemia 

plzenThis beautiful area is known for its hillocks and forests, ancient castles and charming spa towns. There can be found as well important industrial center such as Plzen with its famous brewery or Carlsbad’s china and crystal manufactories.
The Bohemian hand-cut crystal is known all over the world. It decorates the royal and diplomatic residences; it is a valuable price for winners of international sport and cultural events. It can be a precious present for your dears!
The most famous crystal region of the Czech Republic is the Western Bohemia with its cultural and economical center Karlovy Vary. When mines of fine crystal sand and china clay were discovered there, in the 18th century, many manufactories started to produce the „fragile beauty“.

bohemiaNowadays, you can visit some of them and profit of direct sales.
The fame of the Western Bohemia has spread into the whole world thanks to its mineral springs. There are dozens of healing springs. Their basic compositions are similar but they differ in temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide and that is why their effects are different as well. The colder springs usually have a slightly purgative effect, while the warmer ones make the production of bile and stomach juices slower. The strongest spring is the Vridlo of Carlsbad, rising from the depth of 2,000-3,000 meters. Its temperature reaches 73° C.
bohemiaThe tradition of Czech spas is an inseparable part of the European cultural heritage. Czech spas do not only mean health cures, but also recreation, rest, and a refuge from everyday stress. All of this is combined with a pleasant environment, rich cultural life, sports and entertainment. In addition, you can combine your stay with a trip to any of the romantic chateau parks, medieval castles, churches or monasteries in the surroundings.


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